Unhealthy Marriages Between People-Pleasers and Narcissists

Unhealthy Marriage

If you have tried everything to make your marriage healthy, and nothing is working, it could be a sign that you are a people-pleaser AND the only one who is trying.  You might be a people-pleaser if you:

  • Put others first even when it is hurting you
  • Have strong empathy and are easily guilt-tripped
  • Just want peace and have trouble telling others when they are hurting you
  • Have trouble saying “No” and feel guilty when you do
  • Are exhausted
  • Have no boundaries, and, if you do, your spouse crosses them often
  • Cannot make a list of your wants and needs
  • Speak and your voice is ignored
  • Put up with being treated badly

People-pleasers, also known as codependent people, have nurturing, empathic hearts, and they often marry people who don’t treat them well.  If you are in an unhealthy marriage and are confused about why your efforts to make things better are not working, I want to help you have clarity about your situation.  If you are considering a healing separation or even a divorce, I want to walk with you through this difficult process.  As a Certified Divorce Coach and Licensed Professional Counselor, I have helped many women have a voice for the first time and become their best selves as they work through the healing process.  Please email me at cdurst@improvingcare.net or call 719-466-1165.

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