Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)

Are you struggling to regulate your emotions, control self-destructive behaviors, or with your interpersonal relations? Perhaps you have a personality issue you’ve been battling for years. Maybe you’ve suffered through negative thoughts about yourself that have resulted in reckless behavior.

If you’re ready to consider positive change, take a look at what Dialectical Behavior Therapy can offer you.

DBT is a form of therapy that assists clients with regulating emotions, controlling self-destructive behaviors, and improves interpersonal relations. DBT therapy is skills based, and is proven to assist with various problems such as self-harming, suicidal ideation, depression, eating problems, anxiety, and feelings of hopelessness.
Trained DBT therapists Diane Craft, MA, LPC, CAC III and Deborah Downey, MA, LPC will instruct adolescent and adult clients on mindfulness, distress tolerance, emotional regulation, and interpersonal effectiveness. This evidenced based treatment can assist you and your children with mental health challenges. Clients will use daily diary cards which will enhance the skills they are learning. This skills based program will help clients understand how to apply these skills in their everyday lives.
It is recommended that all participating clients have their own individual counselor so that they can talk with them more in depth about their new skills. If a client does not currently have an individual counselor we can recommend one for your assistance. Call for a free screening now. Classes start soon and will be ongoing through the summer.
All groups are 12 weeks, however, you can start anytime!
Diane Craft

Summer Schedule:

Adolescents meet once a week on Monday's
Adults meet once a week on Monday's
For More Information Call:
Diane Craft, LPC, CAC III
Deborah Downey